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Verde Viejo, Nevada

About Verde Viejo

Verde Viejo is a charming subdivision located in the heart of Nevada, offering residents a blend of suburban tranquility and convenient access to urban amenities. Known for its scenic landscapes and friendly community, Verde Viejo is an ideal place for individuals and families looking for a peaceful yet connected lifestyle. The area is surrounded by natural beauty, including parks and recreational areas, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Why Relocate to Verde Viejo?

Relocating to Verde Viejo is an attractive option for many due to its strategic location, affordable living, and high quality of life. The subdivision offers a tight-knit community atmosphere while being just a short drive away from major Nevada cities, providing residents with the best of both worlds. Education systems are commendable, with several highly rated schools serving the area. Additionally, Verde Viejo boasts a low crime rate, making it a safe and secure place to call home.

Real Estate and Economic Outlook in Verde Viejo

The real estate market in Verde Viejo is diverse, offering a range of options from single-family homes to more expansive properties. The economic outlook for this area is promising, with steady growth in both the residential and commercial sectors. Property values have been appreciating, making it an attractive investment opportunity. The cost of living in Verde Viejo is relatively lower compared to the national average, which, coupled with the area’s economic stability, adds to its appeal for potential residents and investors alike.

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Verde Viejo

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Areas Near Verde Viejo

City Name

Verde Viejo is located in Henderson, Nevada, a vibrant city known for its residential communities, Parks, and recreational facilities. Henderson is the second-largest city in Nevada and offers a high quality of life with numerous amenities and attractions.

Zip Codes

The primary zip code for Verde Viejo is 89074. This area is characterized by well-maintained neighborhoods, shopping centers, and public Parks.

Nearby Zip Codes

Adjacent zip codes include 89052, 89012, and 89014. These areas encompass a mix of residential communities, commercial zones, and green spaces, contributing to the diverse urban landscape of Henderson.


Verde Viejo is surrounded by several neighborhoods such as Green Valley South, Silver Springs, and Whitney Ranch. These neighborhoods are known for their family-friendly environments, local schools, and community events.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Nearby neighborhoods include Anthem, Seven Hills, and MacDonald Ranch. These areas offer a range of housing options, from luxury estates to affordable homes, along with golf courses, Parks, and recreational facilities.


Within and around Verde Viejo, there are several subdivisions like Legacy, The Fountains, and American West Village. These subdivisions are popular for their well-designed homes, landscaped streets, and community amenities.

Adjacent Places

Adjacent places of interest include the city of Las Vegas, approximately a 20-minute drive northwest of Verde Viejo. The Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area lies to the south, offering outdoor activities such as hiking and wildlife viewing. To the east, Lake Las Vegas provides a picturesque setting for water sports, dining, and golfing.