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Silver Oak, Nevada

General Information about Silver Oak

Silver Oak is a desirable subdivision located in Carson City, the capital of Nevada. This community is known for its scenic beauty, with the Sierra Nevada mountains providing a breathtaking backdrop. Residents of Silver Oak enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and skiing in nearby locations. The subdivision is also conveniently located near shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities, making it an ideal place for families and individuals alike.

Why Relocate to Silver Oak?

Relocating to Silver Oak offers numerous benefits. The area boasts a high quality of life with its clean air, low crime rates, and community-oriented atmosphere. The proximity to nature and outdoor activities promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Furthermore, Silver Oak is part of the Carson City School District, which is known for its excellent schools, adding to the appeal for families. The community’s strategic location also offers easy access to Reno and Lake Tahoe, providing additional entertainment, dining, and recreational options.

Real Estate and Economic Outlook in Silver Oak

The real estate market in Silver Oak is competitive, reflecting the area’s popularity and desirability. Homes in Silver Oak range from single-family residences to larger estate properties, catering to a variety of preferences and budgets. The economic outlook for Carson City, and Silver Oak by extension, is positive, with steady growth projected in the coming years. This growth is driven by a diverse economy with sectors such as healthcare, education, and tourism. Investing in Silver Oak not only promises a vibrant community and quality of life but also potential for real estate appreciation.

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Silver Oak

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Areas Near Silver Oak, Nevada

City Name

Carson City is the nearest city to Silver Oak. It serves as the capital of Nevada and offers a blend of historical significance, recreational activities, and community events. Carson City is known for its close proximity to Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains, making it a prime location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Zip Codes

The primary zip code for Silver Oak is 89703. This area is characterized by its residential communities, golf courses, and scenic beauty.

Nearby Zip Codes

  • 89701 – This zip code covers the eastern part of Carson City, including the downtown area with shops, restaurants, and historical sites.
  • 89706 – Found to the north of Silver Oak, this area includes residential neighborhoods and commercial zones, providing a mix of living and shopping opportunities.


Westside – Located just east of Silver Oak, Westside is one of Carson City’s oldest neighborhoods, offering a charming mix of historic homes and modern conveniences.

Nearby Neighborhoods

  • Indian Hills – Situated to the north of Silver Oak, Indian Hills is a growing community known for its family-friendly atmosphere and recreational facilities.
  • Lakeview – A scenic area located to the south of Silver Oak, Lakeview is known for its stunning views of the Sierra Nevada and its proximity to Lake Tahoe.


Sunridge – This subdivision is located to the northeast of Silver Oak. It is appreciated for its well-maintained properties, community amenities, and easy access to outdoor activities in the surrounding areas.

Adjacent Places

  • Genoa – A small town southwest of Silver Oak, Genoa is recognized as Nevada’s oldest settlement. It’s known for its quaint charm, historic buildings, and the annual Candy Dance festival.
  • Minden – Found to the south of Silver Oak, Minden is a quiet, family-friendly town with beautiful Parks, recreational facilities, and a vibrant downtown area.